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Solid State Storage Investigative Tools for Law Enforcement

HSHQDC-12-C-00075 DHS SBIR-2012.2-H-SB012.2-001-0006-I
(DHS SBIR-2012.2 Phase I)
Forensic Acqusition of Solid State Storage Devices

CPR Tools Inc.
730 East Cowboy Way
LaBelle, FL 33935-4483


Solid state drives (SSD) suffer from data modification issues caused by internal influences such as those caused by manufacturer implemented functionality designed to increase product life and maintain performance. The purpose of the proposed innovation is to address these issues to provide the capability of acquiring a full forensic data copy while maintaining the forensic integrity of the subject SSD. The solution will be software and firmware based and will not require physical modification of the SSD. Work will include the research and implementation of a method of leveraging manufacturer based commands in order to attain forensic level access to the flash memory. Drive controller firmware research and modification will also be performed with the goal of providing similar forensic level access as well as write-protection of the device interface. An application suite providing a user interface to the proposed functionality as well as a method of reassembling physical memory images into a standard, logical format will also be developed. The output of the reassembly software will be compatible with existing analysis tools. Completion of Phase I and Phase II efforts will result in a comprehensive suite of software and firmware tools capable of retrieving data from SSD drives in a complete and forensically sound manner without physical drive modification. Commercial applications resulting from research and development efforts include a forensic quality SSD image acquisition toolkit for lab or field use, an SSD drive and flash chip data recovery toolkit, and an SSD drive and flash chip data destruction toolkit.

Objective, Quantitative Image Quality Measurements and Metrics for Screener Imaging Technologies

HSHQDC-12-C-00073 DHS SBIR-2012.2-H-SB012.2-003-0007-I
(DHS SBIR-2012.2 Phase I)
Discriminatory Analysis Display Assessment Toolkit (DADA)

Design Interactive, Inc.
1221 E Broadway
Suite 110
Oviedo, FL 32765-7829


The Discriminatory Analysis Display Assessment toolkit (DADA) will provide a methodology and embedded data analysis protocol to assess display technology image quality. DADA will identify the image/display characteristics that significantly impact human visual perception, specifically the ability to perceive and resolve key characteristics of screen objects. Further, DADA will incorporate perceptual characteristics of objects used by baggage screening personnel into an adaptive threshold protocol. This adaptive threshold protocol will establish the human ability to perceive and resolve differences in those key perceptual characteristics. The ability to resolve differences in key perceptual characteristics of objects will be related to the ability of screener's to identify and recognize threats. This will allow for the establishment of a criterion or threshold for image/display characteristics based on realistic human performance and relevant objects. An automated analytical component will then be embedded within the protocol to provide a rapid assessment of image quality of any display technology. This component will provide a simple, easy to interpret visualization of whether image quality affords optimal human performance and what display characteristics do not meet criterion thresholds.