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Advanced Secure Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Related Distributed Control Systems

NBCHC050052 0412002
(FY04.1 Phase II)
A Toolkit for Next-Generation Electric Power SCADA Security Protection and Research

Stan Klein Associates, LLC
P.O. Box 2523
Rockville, MD 20847-2523


This project continues development of a highly versatile open-source toolkit and set of building blocks for constructing secure, next-generation (IEC-61850-based) SCADA systems, substation automation ancillary equipment, and utility security devices. In addition to basic SCADA and control center components (that include an MMS stack and XML representation of 61850), building blocks and sample configurations are provided for many aspects of the utility security problem: trusted computer platform, end-to-end protection, user management, access control, and intrusion detection. The toolkit architecture is based on Web Services -- modular applications that communicate with each other using Internet standards such as XML and HTTP. This approach provides versatility and facilitates compatibility with enterprise integration standards. Potential market applications of the Toolkit include constructing a small, starter, single-workstation SCADA suitable for a small utility to gain substation automation and SCADA control experience; workstations for substation equipment remote configuration and maintenance; a research testbed for improving electric power SCADA cybersecurity methods; a networked multi-workstation/server SCADA configuration with a basic interface to utility enterprise systems; and substation and control center access control gateways. The toolkit will serve the needs of utilities, substation equipment suppliers, system integrators, and security researchers.