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Improved Solid-State Neutron Detection Devices

HSHQDC-09-C-00005 FY07.1-0711040-II
(FY07.1 Phase II)
Manufacturing of a low-cost, high efficiency, solid-state neutron detector

HY-Tech Research Corp.
104 Centre Court
Radford, VA 24141-5123


The main objective of this DNDO SBIR-funded effort is to enable large-scale and economical production of high-sensitivity, solid-state, thermal neutron detectors for use in radiological inspection. The Phase I project successfully demonstrated a novel, energetic ion technique for depositing the active material, boron-10, onto the patterned silicon, which forms the substrate for the device. Micron-scale trenches of about 3:1 aspect ratio were completely filled with dense, pure boron, with minimal ridge coating and with no substrate damage. The project paralleled the continuing development of "Pillar Array", high efficiency neutron detectors at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). In the Phase II project this deposition processes will be validated and optimized for the devices based on the Pillar Array concept and the work will be in close collaboration with LLNL to help move the optimized device to the commercial stage. The work at HY-Tech will include infill of larger aspect ratio trenches and scale up to 4" wafer. Testing at LLNL will include stress analysis, as well as thermal neutron conversion efficiency measurements to qualify the deposited material. HY-Tech will also work with LLNL to develop partnerships with potential industry partners to facilitate the transition to the commercial stage.

Improved Solid-State Neutron Detection Devices

HSHQDC-08-C-00179 FY07.1-0711185-II
(FY07.1 Phase II)
Low Power Compact Integrated Neutron Detector

Trojan Defense LLC
2417 Mill Heights Drive
Herndon, VA 20171-2983


A silicon CMOS solid-state detector will be developed and fabricated in Phase 2 to meet the goals of low power and low cost through production in standard CMOS foundry facilities and commercialization via embedding in security and tracking solutions either on the market today or planned for the near future. Applications include monitoring of conveyences such as trailers, rail cars, sea containers for neutrons. Provides replacement for helium-3 gas tube detectors in handheld devices for border crossing officials, and for devices such as Intelligent Personal Radiation Locator Provides for visibility of transport of nuclear materials not only within North America, but also worldwide.