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Exploitation of Security Networks and Video Management Systems for Nuclear Threat Identification and Tracking

70RDND18C00000015 FY18.1-H-SB018.1-010-0006-I
(FY18.1 Phase I)
RadioNuclide Threat Tracking System (RNTTS)

Deep Analytics LLC
56 College Street
Suite LL6
Montpelier, VT 05602-3115


The use of video surveillance on roadways, railroads, buildings and other structures is becoming pervasive in the U.S. With the preponderance of video security networks, it is logical to suspect that the capability of existing video security solutions can be enhanced by integrating information from other sensor modalities that detect and provide actionable information about invisible threats, such as radiological and nuclear (RN) weapons. For this project, Deep Analytics LLC (DA) proposes the RadioNuclide Threat Tracking System (RNTTS). The RNTTS solution utilizes an existing state-of-the-art radiation sensor with integrated IP cameras, and cutting-edge automated target classification algorithms that correlate RN threat detections with the carriers (person or vehicle) in video streams. The overarching project goal is to supply DNDO and their partners with a low-cost and robust RN sensor technology that readily integrates with existing enterprise video management systems (VMSs) to track RN carriers. During Phase I, DA will develop and demonstrate cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to identify and track RN carriers in video streams. DA has partnered with Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) in Phase I to leverage their decades of experience in RN sensor technology and to utilize their unique RN sensor for this effort. DA has begun establishing relationships with high-volume VMS vendors to assist with Phase I development of interface control documents that describe how RN carriers will be tracked on video streams with select VMSs. The completed Phase II prototype will enable drop-in integration of the RN technology with select VMS vendors.

Miniature Chem/Bio/Explosive Sensors

HSHQDC0800084 0811206
(FY08.1 Phase I)
Reagent-less Miniature Wireless Chemical Biological Explosive Sensor

QuantaSpec Inc.
240 Battery Street
Suite #102
Burlington, VT 05401-5214


This project will design a miniature wireless reagent-less sensor to detect chemical, biological, and explosive materials in solid, liquid, and vapor form. These sensors are needed to implement a wide area hazard detection network to protect the health and welfare of the public. QuantaSpec will integrate its standoff explosive detector and chemical vapor detector to fit in a cell phone. QuantaSpec will also adapt its biological identification methods to fit in a cell phone. QuantaSpec`s past efforts have demonstrated standoff detection of trace explosives, chemical vapor detection and 100% accurate species and strain level reagent-less identification of bacteria. Miniaturization of these sensors is now possible due to advances in quantum cascade laser technology. This project will design DIAL, ICLAS, and ATR IR spectroscopy sensors for integration into a cell phone. These sensors are needed to protect the lives of US citizens.