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Low-cost, Disposable, Tamper-Proof Bolt Seal

HSHQDC-16-C-00038 HSHQDC-15-R-00017-H-SB015.1-002-0009-II
(HSHQDC-15-R-00017 Phase II)
Disposable Electronic Bolt Seal (DEBS)

Hi-G-Tek, Inc.
15400 Calhoun Dr
Suite 120
Rockville, MD 20855-9999


Purpose of Work The proposed work will provide Government with a production-ready design for a small, low-cost, tamper-resistant Disposable Electronic Bolt Seal (DEBS), which can electronically secure containers throughout the entire supply chain. DEBS will wirelessly report open, close, and tamper events, allowing Government to more efficiently target and inspect containers, improve security, and optimize the use of Government personnel and resources. DEBS incorporates advanced security measures, among them continuous sensing, tamper-resistance and authentication, that will prevent the physical attacks and counterfeiting of seals that plague users of disposable bolt seals today. DEBS will operate like an ISO-17712 market-standard disposable bolt seal, and its $15 retail price, simple operation, and maintenance-free design will facilitate large-scale adoption across all container shipments without increasing workload or impacting the flow of goods. Findings or Results Phase II builds on the progress made during Phase I and will produce final DEBS prototypes for testing and approval by DHS. These prototypes will incorporate all of the features required in a commercial DEBS device. The proposed work culminates in a technical report that will include all of the design and production files needed for large-scale manufacturing of DEBS. Potential Commercial Applications The global market for DEBS is +100 million seals per year. DEBS can be immediately deployed across market segments such as in-bond cargo, transit cargo, maritime cargo, CSI ports, and others that can benefit from tamper-proof intelligent seals. Its low-price and simple yet effective operation will help drive DEBS penetration into other container markets worldwide.

Canine Mounted Track and Transmit Device

HSHQDC-16-C-00033 HSHQDC-15-R-00017-H-SB015.1-007-0022-II
(HSHQDC-15-R-00017 Phase II)
Canine Mounted Wireless Video and Location Streaming System (CAMEL)

Intelligent Automation Inc
15400 Calhoun Dr, Suite 190
Rockville, MD 20855-2737


Today, many canine teams are dispatched in tactical operations that typically involve critical activities such as narcotics/explosives detection, suspect pursuit/apprehension, etc. A canine-mounted tracking and video/audio streaming capability is highly valuable in such cases as it can provide the canine handler and remote observers with precise and up-to-date situational awareness of ongoing events. The current price point of COTS products for such application is, however, still too high for every K9 unit in the country to afford them, and they do not yet fully satisfy typical canine team's needs. To overcome such technical challenges, IAI has previously proposed CAMEL (Canine Mounted Encompassing Locator), a low-cost, rugged, and all-weather wireless video/audio and location streaming system to be carried by a canine during the operations for providing the canine handler and remote observers with real-time tactical situational awareness as well evidence recording capability. The key innovation in the proposed effort is CAMEL-2, the second generation of the CAMEL concept prototypes that is fully operational in relevant environments. The expected contribution of CAMEL-2 to the tactical canine industry is: 1) A robust canine positioning and tracking capability; 2) An effective situational awareness capability; and 3) A reliable evidence recording and archiving capability.