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Mobile General Aviation (GA) Aircraft Screener

N10PC20006 0921132
(FY09.2 Phase I)
MAXIS (Mobile Aircraft X-ray Inspection System

Marietta X-Ray, Inc.
530 Commerce Park Drive
Marietta, GA 30060-2719


Marietta X-Ray, Inc (MXRI) and its subcontractor Rapiscan Laboratories, Inc propose to develop a mobile non-intrusive prototype that can demonstrate the capability of inspecting a complete general-aviation aircraft for concealed contraband. Our solution utilizes an existing vehicle and manipulator coupled with an x-ray inspection system. The x-ray system is based on backscatter technology, which allows scanning from only one side of the aircraft. The backscatter module, composed of the x-ray source, beam scanning mechanism and detectors, will be mounted on a manipulator to allow scanning a variety of aircraft sizes, shapes and configurations. The manipulator will be capable of rotating and moving the backscatter head in all directions, and will be mounted on an off-the-shelf vehicle. The backscatter head will be based on Rapiscan`s Secure Personnel Screening System (SPSS) used to detect threats hidden on the body and deployed mainly by DoD both in the US and abroad. The system will be modified mainly to increase the x-ray energy for the modest penetration required for aircraft inspection. An aircraft inspection system would allow closing the currently existing gap in the required screening of objects brought into the US and has wide applications for the detection of threats and contraband.