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Smartphone/Smart device Toolkit for Virtual and Actual Radiation Detection, Identification, and Localization

HSHQDN-16-C-00020 HSHQDC-16-R-00012-H-SB016.1-011-0007-I
(HSHQDC-16-R-00012 Phase I)
Rad/Nuc Smart-device User Interface with Integrated Training Elements (RN-SUITE)

Spectral Labs Incorporated
15920 Bernardo Center Drive
San Diego, CA 92127-1828


In this SBIR topic, DNDO has identified the necessity for an optimized PRND UI which can run on a smartphone/device and can either communicate with actual detector hardware or receive simulated input from a software component based on the user's position relative to virtual source(s). This Spectral Labs Incorporated (SLI) proposal, 'RAD/NUC Smart-device User Interface & Training Environment' (RN-SUITE), is a comprehensive research program to make the essential paradigm shift. The proposed effort will develop an optimized User Interface (UI) to control and display readings from RAD/NUC detection, localization, and/or identification equipment in an 'Active Mode' and from Virtual Computer Based Inputs for a 'Training Mode'. The program will also develop an underlying training software system to feed data to the UI based on source beacons and localization techniques in order to provide simulation data to the UI to be used for a 'Training Mode'. Spectral Labs, with a support team of renowned RAD/NUC SMEs and augmented by an experienced human factors expert with years of experience in both human-machine interface and learning theory, will design and code an Optimized UI that can be run on Android and iOS Smart Devices. Spectral Labs will also develop the underlying training system and instructor UI to facilitate integrated training, resulting in a RAD/NUC Smart-device User Interface with Integrated Training Elements (RN-SUITE) that will suit a range of training CONOPS leading to highly effective training without need to transport radioisotope sources.

Plastic Composite Based Scintillators for Multi-Signature Radiation Detectors

HSHQDN-16-C-00016 HSHQDC-16-R-00012-H-SB016.1-012-0013-I
(HSHQDC-16-R-00012 Phase I)
Plastic-Crystal Composite Scintillator for Multi-Signature Radiation Detection

Adelphi Technology, Inc.
2003 East Bayshore Rd
Redwood City, CA 94063-4121


We propose to develop the cost effective plastic-crystal composite scintillator that can enable multi-mode detection of gamma rays, fast neutrons, and thermal neutrons. To enable innovation beyond the current state-of-the-art, the proposed easy-to-fabricate-and-integrate composite scintillator will utilize the miniature crystals of CLYC elpasolite embedded into a plastic scintillator framework. Digital electronics will provide the ability to log time-stamped, list-mode-event data enabling neutron and gamma energy spectroscopy. This detector will provide gamma-and-neutron measurements with the isotope identification using the single sensor thus helping realize full potential of first responder operations.