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Innovative Training Technology for Preventive Rad/Nuc Detection

HSHQDC-09-C-00105 HSHQDC-09-R-00041-0911026-I
(HSHQDC-09-R-00041 Phase I)
Innovative Training Technology for Preventive Radiological/Nuclear Detection

Information in Place, Inc.
501 N Morton Street Ste 206
Bloomington, IN 47404-3743


We propose to develop a functional user interface that realistically depicts the operation of two preventive radiological/nuclear detection (PRND) instruments: a Personal Radiation Detector (PRD), and a Radioisotope Identification Device (RIID) currently in use by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). We will also develop an exemplary micro game based on a plausible situation using these devices providing CBP and other First Responders with challenging training that helps them sustain critical rad/nuc detection skills learned during resident courses. The Phase I effort will focus on developing the functional user interface, a proof-of-concept exemplary micro game, and planning for an extensible micro game training platform for delivering micro games developed for a wide variety of scenarios, employing functional user interfaces that simulate a full range of commercially available PRNDs. This approach could improve sustainment training efforts of CBP, other Federal, state, and local law enforcement organizations, the Armed Forces, the U.S. Coast Guard, and other agencies, organizations and businesses having missions to detect and identify radiological and nuclear materials. Our development team is uniquely qualified to provide the necessary expertise in equipment; radiation physics; tactics, techniques and procedures; immersive training; and serious games required by this project.