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Innovative Techniques for Concealed Weapons or Explosive Detection at a Distance

NBCHC050015 0421025
(FY04.2 Phase I)
Concealed Explosive Detection

Personnel Protection Technologies LLC
50 Mollbrook Drive
Wilton, CT 06897-4709


This proposal entails the development of an innovative technique for detecting the presence of concealed explosives at a safe distance. The specific mission is to deny the armed intruder his/her objective. Our novel active millimeter radar approach offers a low cost solution for long-range detection of a terrorist with concealed explosives and/or short-range detection of someone with a concealed weapon--using the same basic sensor. We will demonstrate feasibility of the salient physical principle of the proposed approach for explosives detection in a controlled outdoor environment. Realistic data gathering experiments and subsequent data analysis leading up to the demonstration will demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed concept. Because of the low cost of the solution, wide deployment of this system is feasible by equipping public places down to the municipality level, checkpoints and border areas. In addition the underlying technology has applicability to other significant problems as well. The concept lends itself to the long-range detection of subtle changes in the environment associated with Improvised Explosive Devices and side attack mine placement. Inexpensive long-range detection of terrorists carrying hidden explosives or weapons will provide law enforcement and private businesses a margin of protection that is not currently available.