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Commodity Goods Counterfeit Detection

HSHQDC-13-C-00103 HSHQDC-13-R-00032-H-SB013.2-005-0006-I
(HSHQDC-13-R-00032 Phase I)
Innovative Materials Analysis to Differentiate Counterfeit from Authentic Products

Constellation Technology
7887 Bryan Dairy Road, Suite 100
Largo, FL 33777-1452


Constellation Technology Corporation (Constellation) is recognized as one of the world leaders in Materials Analysis. This abstract is intended to explain Constellation's development of new innovative means for detection of inferior materials to differentiate a visibly identical counterfeit product from the authentic item through advanced materials analysis. This project will be accomplished by Constellation interacting with the various Department of Homeland Security (DHS) operational components and Federal Agencies that have the mission to keep counterfeit goods out of the United States, as well as selective manufacturers of the authentic items; creating an inventory of a selective number of consumer products that have a high economic impact on the counterfeit market; developing an inventory of the materials used to both produce the counterfeit product and the authentic product; performing analysis to prepare an assessment of whether there are any measurable differences between the two sets of materials; and include a survey of available detection technologies and their operational modalities (e.g., CONOPS, mobility, logistics, costs). The successful implementation of the means for detection of counterfeit consumer products developed as part of this project is designed to include the entire supply chain, including cargo containers, distribution warehouses, points of retail sales, and ad-hoc points of sale. Constellation has the world class materials analysis subject matter experts and equipment to provide DHS with new innovative means of counterfeit detection of commodity goods.