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Development of High Reliability Occupancy Sensors

HSHQDC-07-C-00107 0711244
(FY07.1 Phase I)
High Resolution MMW Radar for Occupancy Sensing and Speed Measurement

Epsilon Lambda Electronics Corp.
396 Fenton Lane
Suite 601
West Chicago, IL 60185-2687


The Department of Homeland Security has identified the need, in Topic H-SB06.1-010, to develop a sensor, for use with radionuclide screening systems , that will determine the relative lateral position of the conveyance. A second benefit would be that the sensor provide speed measurement of the cargo container as it passes through the screening area. Proposed for this requirement a high resolution millimeter wave radar sensor (HRMMWRS). The benefits of using such a sensor are as follows: (1)A narrow radar beam will define the shape of the conveyance adequately to distinguish the type and shape of the conveyance or container within the HRMMWRS. (2)The HRMMWRS can be designed to have high resolution ranging so that the end of a given container and the gap between containers can be distinguished as the container passes through. (3) The HRMMWRS can operate at a distance from the container appropriate to the HRMMWRS radiation sensor panel configuration. (4) The HRMMWRS will operate under all environmental conditions. Commercial applications beyond that defined by the topic include hidden weapon and bomb detection.