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Award Information
Proposal Number: 0822001
Proposal Title: Phase II SBIR: DHS Centers of Excellence Science Fair Projects
Topic Number: H-SB08.2-002
Phase: Phase II
Topic Title: Innovative Educational Environments to Develop the Necessary Intellectual Basis for a National DHS S&T Workforce
Organization: The Athena Group, Inc.
Address: 408 W University Avenue
Suite 306
Gainesville, FL 32601-5289  
Abstract: DHS Centers of Excellence provide exceptional contemporary scientific information and discoveries. The K-12 learning community could benefit from access to these resources. Athena has identified a strategy/technology that overcomes the problems associated with converting DHS content into learning material for mainstream K-12 education. Under a Phase I SBIR project, The Athena Group, Inc. (Athena), focused on translating DHS Center of Excellence discoveries into exciting, age-appropriate science fair kit (SFK) projects. In Phase II, the SFK project will be vastly expanded and include new features. The SFK solution will be rigorously evaluated by middle school students/faculty from the Orlando, FL and New York, NY area school districts. Many science fair support packages provide only step-by-step project procedures. SFKs use 3-D simulations, virtual instruments, and scenario-based lessons to produce better qualified S&T students with a deeper appreciation of DHS research activities. Another benefit comes from connecting students` parents with cutting-edge DHS materials. Parents encounter DHS resources when helping their students create meaningful science projects. Athena is experienced in developing/ marketing learning technology to the K-12 market. SFKs will serve this market and be released to students at no cost. Athena will develop a sustained revenue stream through sponsorship, donations, and other mechanisms.
Award/Contract Number: N10PC20003
Period of Performance: 04/01/2010 - 01/15/2013
Award/Contract Value: $750,000.00
Award/Obligated Amount: $750,000.00