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Precision Information Environments

N10PC20201 1011163
(FY10.1 Phase I)
Open Architecture for Spatial Information Services (OASIS)

Geocent, LLC
111 Veterans Memorial Blvd.
Suite 1600
Metairie, LA 70005-3044


The numerous management tools currently employed for disaster response presents a barrier when attempting to share information across boundaries. This impediment is due to the different reporting formats, data storages, or incompatibility of software being deployed. Geocent proposes implementing multiple GIS open standards serves as the backbone for exchanging critical information to facilitate interoperability of multiple emergency management platforms. The use of well established open standards as the foundation permits agencies to maintain their present systems while having the capability to exchange critical information throughout the overall network, fuse data from disparate sources to create customized reporting, and enable first responders to view and input real time information to be shared throughout the network (network centric approach). The result is more accurate and actionable information, improved collaboration, and shorter decision cycles for all levels of government to respond to a disaster event effectively and efficiently. The ability to rapidly respond in a unified effort reduces a disaster`s impact to the Nation and expedites its transition to recovery.