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Precision Information Environments

N10PC20200 1011173
(FY10.1 Phase I)
DHS SBIR Program Phase I Program Solicitation FY 10.1 Science and Technology Directorate

Truestone, LLC
13873 Park Center Dr
Suite 300N
Herndon, VA 20171-3247


The technical objective of this proposal is to design a Precision Information Environment framework for DHS that synthesizes current and envisioned operational requirements with the latest research and technology while maximizing DHS`s current investment in command and control systems. In partnership with DHS funded Centers of Excellence, Truestone aims to leverage our corporate, research, and employee experience, as well as the results of operations, exercise and workshops as recent as December 2009, to deliver a framework with the optimum balance of existing systems and new capabilities. Benefits of successful completion of Phase One PIE development will result if realized through Phase III award in a dashboard PIE framework that leverages academic and industry expertise to provide users with access to tailored information that serves their day to day and emergent precision information needs within DHS and partnering homeland security communities at the federal, state, and local levels. Potential commercial application of the resulting PIE can follow a model similar to DoD`s fielding of its Global Command and Control System, a Government Off the Shelf software system based on a Service Oriented Architecture that breaks complex processes into individual components as a framework for developing and delivering IT systems.