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Advanced Secure Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Related Distributed Control Systems

NBCHC040088 04110185
(FY04.1 Phase I)
Crypto-Secure Remote Terminal Unit for New and Retrofit Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

The Right Stuff of Tahoe, Incorporated
The Right Place, 3341 Adler Court
Reno, NV 89503-1263


We propose to develop an integrated Cryptography Module (CM) and RTU (CMRTU) for SCADA applications. When used in CM mode, our CMRTU will be easily retrofitted into existing SCADA networks. When used in advanced RTU mode (where higher bandwidth connections are available), our CMRTU will provide both a secure gateway function and secure Internet protocols for interaction with either central monitoring station SCADA display systems, or with web-based operator interfaces used for direct monitoring and control. As a single device, our CMRTU combines, in a novel fashion, two distinct communications security provisions: (a) the AGA 12-1SCADA Link Security (SLS) protocols, for low-speed links; and (b) Secure Sockets with HTTP, for high-speed Internet protocols. At the device end, the CMRTU will support fieldbus protocols to enable it to communicate with sensors, actuators, and existing RTUs. During Phase 1, we will complete a design and demonstrate feasibility. Our work plan is feasible in large part due to our use of off-the-shelf protocol stacks and related software. The likelihood of project success is bolstered by our extensive experience in industrial control, SCADA security, and software development for projects of a similar scale.