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Development of High Reliability Occupancy Sensors

HSHQDC-07-C-00111 0711118
(FY07.1 Phase I)
Mono-spectral Vision System for Occupancy Detection and Description

Latitude Engineering
4155 W Lum Wash Ct
Tucson, AZ 85745-4113


Latitude Engineering proposes to develop a mono-spectral vision system that will detect the occupancy state of the Advanced Spectroscopic Portal and provide information about the occupying object, such as position within portal, speed of travel, height, length, and other data relating to the shape, position, and speed of the object. The proposed approach will integrate with the structure of the portal and will minimize any emissions outside the portal, so as to allow multiple sensors to operate in close proximity, such as for the cargo and rail configurations described in the ASP Performance Specification. Each vision sensor will take multiple measurements of each vehicle passing, providing a robust and error free dataset. The proper selection of the utilized spectra will ensure that the system will operate reliably in reduced-visibility conditions. Latitude's unique approach to vision system design removes the reliability problems inherent in most vision systems operating in uncontrolled environments. Commercial applications include upgraded capability replacements for common air-tube and magnetic vehicle counters. By providing detailed information over and above a simple count of traffic, the organizations responsible for road and portal management can make more informed decisions.