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Trace Explosives Sampling for Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosives Device (VBIED) Detection

HSHQDC0800078 0811037
(FY08.1 Phase I)
Enhanced Trace Explosive Sampling and Collection System for VBIED Detection

Physical Optics Corporation
20600 Gramercy Place, Building 100
Torrance, CA 90501-1821


To address the HSARPA need for enhanced sampling capabilities for trace level explosives for VBIED detection, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) proposes to develop a new Enhanced Trace Explosive Sampling and Collection (ENTRES) system. This system is based on acoustic-streaming and surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonance for particulate trace explosive residue dislodging, aerodynamics-based trace explosives intake mechanism, and nanoporous membrane-based preconcentration and collection. The ENTRES system will offer high throughput (six sampling per minute) and noncontact operations, high sampling efficiencies (>60%, about 6 times better than state-of-the-art), simultaneous sampling and collection of both particulate and vapor trace explosives, compatibility for interfacing to existing commercial explosives detectors, multiple collection points (>10) with large collection area (>10 cm^2), and low cost of ownership. In Phase I POC will demonstrate the feasibility of ENTRES by theoretic analysis and prototype demonstration. In Phase II POC plans to optimize the ENTRES system. The ENTRES system will have numerous applications in Homeland Security. The system can be incorporated by TSA into its set of tools for screening people and baggage at airports, adding noncontact detection capability. Military applications of the ENTRES system will include screening of traffic into and out of military bases and secure areas.