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Award Information
Proposal Number: 0412010
Proposal Title: Rapid Low Vapor Pressure Chemical Detection Using a Hand-held Artificial Nose
Topic Number: H-SB04.1-001
Phase: Phase II
Topic Title: New System/Technologies to Detect Low Vapor Pressure Chemicals (e.g., TICs)
Organization: CogniScent, Inc.
Address: 410 Concord Rd.
Weston, MA 02493-1313  
Abstract: The Phase II SBIR research proposed here extends and expands upon the results from our successful Phase I research to develop a hand-held electronic nose capable of rapid, sensitive, and accurate detection and identification of a broad range of low vapor pressure (LVP) compounds. The overall goal of this R&D effort is to optimize detection of LVP compounds by improving system signal-to-noise through carefully evaluated modifications to the various subsystems of the device. We propose to enhance the device by: 1) continued development of sensitive chemical sensors for a range of LVP compounds, 2) deploying these chemical sensor on a novel filament substrate that increases signal amplitude, 3) improving the optoelectronics to efficiently illuminate and interrogate the chemical sensors, 4) improving vapor sampling to effectively present LVP odors to the sensor array, and 5) developing new data processing algorithms to reduce sensor signal variability. These enhancements will be incorporated into a new prototype device that will be thoroughly tested and quantitatively characterized. With inclusion of these improvements, our preliminary data provide strong evidence that this Phase II R&D will lead to at least a 10-fold improvement in sensitivity, forming the basis for a commercially viable device for detecting LVP compounds.
Award/Contract Number: NBCHC050065
Period of Performance: 08/29/2005 - 08/28/2007
Award/Contract Value: $749,121.00
Award/Obligated Amount: $749,121.00