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Award Information
Proposal Number: DHS SBIR-2012.1-H-SB012.1-001-0009-CRPP
Proposal Title: Non-freezing Portable Vehicle Wash Tunnels
Topic Number: H-SB012.1-001
Phase: CRPP
Topic Title: Non-freezing Portable Vehicle Wash Tunnels
Organization: Integrated Solutions For Systems
Address: 2995 Wall Triana Hwy
Suite A-1
Huntsville, AL 35824-1530  
Abstract: Our approach utilizes a mature, portable inflatable beam shelter to house modified commercial car wash equipment operated by an automated control system. The inflatable beam shelters are currently deployed with the US Military and are commonly used as decontamination shelters for military vehicles. The commercial wash equipment is modified to withstand the caustic chemical environment necessary to ensure sufficient decontamination. The entire tunnel wash system is deployed or stowed by 2 - 4 people in under 4 hours, operated by just 1 person, and packs into a common three-quarter ton pickup truck or van
Award/Contract Number: D14PC00233
Period of Performance: 09/25/2014 - 10/11/2015
Award/Contract Value: $198,160.77
Award/Obligated Amount: $198,160.77