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Award Information
Proposal Number: FY11.1-H-SB011.1-006-0003-II
Proposal Title: Improved Firefighter Face Piece Lenses for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
Topic Number: H-SB011.1-006
Phase: Phase II
Topic Title: Improved Firefighter Face Piece Lenses for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
Organization: PolyNew, Inc
Address: 1021 18th St
Golden, CO 80401-1826  
Abstract: This multiphase project develops higher heat resistant materials for use in face shields of self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBAs) and brings them to commercial markets. Key findings of the Phase I work are that polyethersulfone (PES) is a promising replacement for polycarbonate (PC) with respect to thermal and optical properties. However, PES has considerably lower mechanical impact strength than PC and therefore may not be suitable as a "drop in" replacement. Accordingly, an important aspect of Phase II will be to evaluate the significance of the lower impact strength of PES compared to PC. Given the limitations discovered in Phase I, alternative materials will be developed in Phase II. The new materials are highly promising; they will have both improved thermal and mechanical properties compared to the present state-of-the-art. Even if such technologically sophisticated lenses are not needed for the 2013 NFPA requirements, their development can establish feasibility for even more protective standards in the expected 2018 NFPA requirements. Depending on the developments in Phase II, PolyNew will realize revenues through a combination of providing materials and components and technology licensing fees in Phase III. Honeywell Life Safety serves as a commercialization partner in Phase II and provides a ready path to market in Phase III.
Award/Contract Number: D12PC00404
Period of Performance: 07/13/2012 - 10/27/2014
Award/Contract Value: $749,998.00
Award/Obligated Amount: $749,998.00