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Award Information
Proposal Number: 0521155
Proposal Title: Vector Array Buoy Detection System
Topic Number: H-SB05.2-003
Phase: Phase I
Organization: Applied Physical Sciences Corp.
Address: 475 Bridge Street
Suite 100
Groton, CT 06340-3780  
Abstract: Applied Physical Sciences Corp. will develop a distributed buoy detection system using an advanced acoustic receiver. The sonar array will consist of a vertical line of vector hydrophones to maximize gain against unwanted ambient noise and provide 20+nm detection ranges for targets of interest. Additionally the single vector vertical line array will provide target bearing and tracking data that can be correlated with data from other buoys to provide localization and aid in classification. A novel low-power detection system will enable long service life while not sacrificing performance. When triggered, the detector will switch on a computer that will process the vector sensor data to determine if the contact is one of a desired set to track. A satellite link will provide timely, reliable, and low-cost communications with a shore- or ship-based station.
Award/Contract Number: NBCHC060030
Period of Performance: 12/15/2005 - 06/30/2006
Award/Contract Value: $99,989.00
Award/Obligated Amount: $99,989.00