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Award Information
Proposal Number: DNDOSBIR12-01-FP-001-CAPE-II
Proposal Title: Establishment of Scientific and Industrial Base for Production of High Purity Precursor Materials for SrI2: Eu and CLYC
Topic Number: 12.1-001
Phase: Phase II
Topic Title: High Purity Precursor Materials for Growth of Large Single Crystals
Organization: CapeSym, Inc.
Address: 6 Huron Drive
Suite 1B
Natick, MA 01760-1325  
Abstract: Successful growth of novel halide scintillators SrI2:Eu and CLYC depends on a supply of highly pure precursor materials. CapeSym and SAFC have partnered to develop a thorough understanding of the factors that influence purity, and techniques to reduce these impurity levels in SrI2:Eu and CLYC precursors. Novel processing and crystal growth experiments at CapeSym, and materials characterization at SAFC-Hitech will be used to assess the impact of purification techniques. Technologies will be transferred to SAFC-Hitech for implementation into production processes. In parallel we will conduct market research and pricing analysis to better estimate volumes needed to meet DHS requirements. Anticipated benefits include: - increased understanding of binary-halide contamination issues - improved precursor processing techniques - improved scintillator performance - a roadmap for attaining precursor cost reduction.
Award/Contract Number: HSHQDC-13-C-00080
Period of Performance: 08/12/2013 - 07/31/2015
Award/Contract Value: $998,062.73
Award/Obligated Amount: $998,062.73