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Abstracts of FY08.2 Phase II Awards
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Cellular Materials International Inc.
1200 Five Springs Road, Suite 201
Charlottesville, VA 22902-8756

Proposal Information 0822002 - Protective Panels for Bridge Supports
Topic Information H-SB08.2-001 - Engineered Building Materials
Award/Contract Number N10PC20043

Cellular Materials International, Inc. (CMI)proposes an innovative energy-absorbing MicroTrussTM panel structure to protect the nation`s busiest, most critical bridges from a close-in, high-intensity blast event. The ability of this panel system to mitigate and deflect blast energy was demonstrated in Phase I through finite element analysis modeling and a subscale, close proximity blast test. During Phase II, CMI will further refine the fidelity of its simulation model and use it to help optimize the MicroTruss(TM) panel design for minimum weight and maximum blast-mitigating performance. Validating a prototype test panel in a full-scale blast test will provide a successful conclusion to the technical goals of Phase II. In a parallel effort to the technical solution, CMI will develop a strategy to transition this solution to commercial use by meeting the safety needs of the owners and other stakeholders of the nation`s bridges. CMI plans to end Phase II with a TRL level of approximately 4 or 5.


Resodyn Corporation
130 North Main Street
Suite 600
Butte, MT 59701-9314

Proposal Information 0822003 - Spray-on Treatments for Critical Infrastructure Protection
Topic Information H-SB08.2-001 - Engineered Building Materials
Award/Contract Number N10PC20041

The success of a Phase I research effort has compelled Resodyn Corporation to submit a Phase II proposal based on an engineered materials approach for preventing, or mitigating the damage caused primarily by blast with some application for projectile, and fire damage. The proposed Spray-on Treatments for Engineered Protection (STEP) system allows flexibility in both the design of the coating and the application. Sprayable material systems are proposed that have demonstrated blast, projectile and fire protection potential. The spray-on application capability allows for conformal coatings of complex geometries. The STEP process holds the promise of economical, moderate level blast, projectile, and fire protection for a great number of the Nation`s critical infrastructures.


3TEX Inc.
109 MacKenan Drive
Cary, NC 27511-7903

Proposal Information 0822004 - 3WEAVE Fabric/Composite Panels for Blast Protection
Topic Information H-SB08.2-001 - Engineered Building Materials
Award/Contract Number N10PC20042

Based on the results of the Phase I project, it was shown that 3TEX`s unitary 3D woven E-Glass billet reinforced composite panels have excellent potential to be used as blast mitigating material for protecting buildings. Fibers and resins used in the Phase I were selected with affordability and fire resistance as the major considerations. In the Phase II effort proposed, the same fiber and resin will be used. The 3D woven billet preform design will be optimized and, based on the new geometry, predictive analysis will be conducted to determine that performance under shock loading is still at the same level found in Phase I or better. The new material will be produced and tested in the University of Rhode Island (URI) shock tube for validation. Large scale blast testing of mock-up concrete walls will be conducted using three different mounting approaches. An innovative attenuator will be used to reduce the shock load transmitted through the mounting bolts to the wall. A patented coupler will also used to simulate the joining of two panels in a vertical installation. At the end of the Phase II, a complete technical data package (TDP) for the materials and methods used, will be developed.

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The Athena Group, Inc.
408 W University Avenue
Suite 306
Gainesville, FL 32601-5289

Proposal Information 0822001 - Phase II SBIR: DHS Centers of Excellence Science Fair Projects
Topic Information H-SB08.2-002 - Innovative Educational Environments to Develop the Necessary Intellectual Basis for a National DHS S&T Workforce
Award/Contract Number N10PC20003

DHS Centers of Excellence provide exceptional contemporary scientific information and discoveries. The K-12 learning community could benefit from access to these resources. Athena has identified a strategy/technology that overcomes the problems associated with converting DHS content into learning material for mainstream K-12 education. Under a Phase I SBIR project, The Athena Group, Inc. (Athena), focused on translating DHS Center of Excellence discoveries into exciting, age-appropriate science fair kit (SFK) projects. In Phase II, the SFK project will be vastly expanded and include new features. The SFK solution will be rigorously evaluated by middle school students/faculty from the Orlando, FL and New York, NY area school districts. Many science fair support packages provide only step-by-step project procedures. SFKs use 3-D simulations, virtual instruments, and scenario-based lessons to produce better qualified S&T students with a deeper appreciation of DHS research activities. Another benefit comes from connecting students` parents with cutting-edge DHS materials. Parents encounter DHS resources when helping their students create meaningful science projects. Athena is experienced in developing/ marketing learning technology to the K-12 market. SFKs will serve this market and be released to students at no cost. Athena will develop a sustained revenue stream through sponsorship, donations, and other mechanisms.

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Cybernet Systems Corporation
727 Airport Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI 48108-1639

Proposal Information 0822007 - Telecommunications Linking System
Topic Information H-SB08.2-004 - Telecommunications Linking System
Award/Contract Number N10PC20114

Cybernet Systems Corporation will provide a system of hardware and software that will provide advanced data mining capability to the DHS analyst. This system is an add-on to existing DHS, not a replacement. It is intended to interface to the existing systems, provide additional capability for the analyst, and be compatible with DHS regulations with respect to data storage and handling. Its key benefit is to improve the efficiency of analysts as they investigate subjects of interest, by predicting the queries that an analyst will make and to begin computing these queries in advance of the time that they are actually requested. We anticipate that this will save hours of time that an analyst would spend waiting for results. We outline two commercial products, one for the consumer desktop data processing market and one for data warehouse companies that need occasional data mining services.

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