Past Solicitations
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program

S & T Directorate Topics

H-SB016.1-005 - Blockchain Applications for Homeland Security Missions

Design and prototype an ecosystem that applies blockchain technology to significantly improve DHS analytics, missions, and operations. Proposed solutions should be focused on new applications of blockchain technology and not focused purely on the analysis and characterization of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency transactions.

H-SB017.1-001 - Enhanced Agent Situational Awareness in Dismounted, Low Light/Adverse Conditions

Develop and demonstrate an innovative, agent-portable device to augment agent ability while walking, running, hiking, on ATV/motorcycles, horses, boats, and mountain bikes, to automatically detect, identify, classify, and track an item of interest in challenging border terrains comprised of heavy vegetation, mountains, hills, canyons and dry creeks, rivers, streams found in desert, shorelines, open prairies, semi-arid, and heavily forested environments that have been enshrouded with fog, blowing salt/dust, extreme haze or other naturally occurring or adversary-produced vision obscurations such as smoke and irritants encountered in twenty-four (24) hour operations

H-SB017.1-003 - Do Not Spoof Services for Modern Telephony

Develop tools that can be deployed in a cyber ecosystem or carrier network to detect and block spoofed phone calls.

H-SB017.1-004 - Identity Verification & Validation for Mobile Networks Authentication Enhancement

Research and develop new methods for mobile network authentication enhancements by leveraging commercially available financial infrastructure to perform mobile user identity verification/validation. This new enhancement(s) shall not impact the standardized authentication procedures/process (e.g. the authentication procedures standardized in 3rd Generation Partnership Project).

H-SB017.1-006 - Wearable Chemical Sensor Badge

Develop a prototype wearable chemical sensor badge that responds to multiple Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs). This wearable badge must be able to respond to its immediate surroundings with naturally diffused air or a sample pump of appropriate size and sound profile. This effort must thoroughly study the cross sensitivity between different target chemicals and the effect of common interferents and environmental conditions in order to minimize false alarms.

H-SB017.1-007 - Over-the-air Authentication Technology for Messaging via Emergency Alerts

Develop and demonstrate a mechanism that authenticates messages sent via Wireless Emergency Alerts, notifies the recipient(s) of the authentication status of such messages, and proves resilient to spoofing of such messages.

DNDO Topics

H-SB017.1-008 - Accelerated Crystal-Size Scale-Up Development of Thallium-based, High Efficiency, Dual or Tri-Mode Elpasolite Scintillator

Develop multi-mode gamma/neutron detector materials with simultaneous high energy resolution and higher efficiency, as well as good particle discrimination, and especially scale up these crystal materials to sizes of 3 inch diameter x 3 inch long right cylinders or larger. Such materials are key to DHS/DNDO efforts in advancing new detector technologies for the Global Nuclear Detection Architecture (GNDA).

H-SB017.1-009 - Unattended Radiation Detection System

Research will support the development of an unattended radiation detection system. The product should be capable of radiation detection and analysis, capture relevant contextual information (e.g., video or pictures) from the surrounding environment at times of detection, and integrate into communications relevant to end-users for timely transmission of collected information. The system should have low-energy requirements to facilitate long periods without direct operator interface.

Key Dates
Pre-Solicitation Open Date:
Pre-Solicitation Close Date:
12/14/2016 05:00 PM ET
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Submission Deadline:
01/18/2017 02:00 PM ET

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