Abstracts of FY10.1 CRPP Awards
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Triton Systems, Inc.
200 Turnpike Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824-4040

Proposal Information FY10.1-H-SB010.1-004-0001-CRPP - Magnetically Switchable Explosuves Vapor Isolator (1002-241)
Topic Information H-SB010.1-004 - Molecular Recognition for Explosives Detection
Award/Contract Number D15PC00195

The objective of this work is to accelerate the commercialization of the technology developed in the DHS SBIR Program under the SBIR Commercial Readiness Pilot Program. In this effort, Triton's pre-concentrator will be interfaced with a TSA approved ETD and tested with a range of trace explosives of interest to DHS. A packaging system will be designed that is appropriate for commercial use. Lifecycle costs will be determined. Test results will be submitted to TSL for further evaluation. The data-package of test results will be used to facilitate transition of the technology to TSA approved ETD suppliers.

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