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Past Solicitations
FY09 Phase 9.1

FY09 Phase 9.1 (DNDO)

DNDO Topics

09.1-1 - X-ray Generators to Enhance Material Discrimination Capability of Non Intrusive Inspection (NII) Imaging Systems

The proposed technology development plan must include a technology path forward leading to an affordable device with size, shape, weight, and power requirements commensurate or better than existing generators. The proposed technology must be relatively compact and must have minimal radiation leakage to minimize the overall NII system footprint. The proposed technology must have a high pulse-to-pulse reproducibility (low variability) in end point energy and integrated pulse energy. The proposed technology must enable, when fully integrated into a NII system, enhanced automated material discrimination capability including both high (nuclear) and low (drugs, explosives) atomic number threats. Specific generators of interest include but are not limited to: Back to Past Solicitations List