Abstracts of FY09.2 CRPP Awards



Applied Visions, Inc.
6 Bayview Avenue
Northport, NY 11768-1502

Proposal Information FY09.2-H-SB09.2-004-0003-CRPP - Software Assurance Analysis and Visual Analytics
Topic Information H-SB09.2-004 - Software Testing and Vulnerability Analysis
Award/Contract Number D14PC00222

Under our Phase II SBIR we developed a compelling new technology for software assurance called Code Dx. We used initial feedback from government agencies and industry experts, collected during beta testing and Version 1.0 evaluations, to produce Version 1.1 which is technically mature and ready for trial evaluations and sale. However, the path to commercial success requires more than technical capabilities. It requires execution of a commercialization plan; staffing and infrastructure to sustain marketing, sales and support; and the financing to support both. In this proposal we outline eight strategic commercialization objectives and a commercialization roadmap that identifies specific tactics and activities that must be completed to achieve those objectives. We further identify a subset of those activities that we seek to fund through the DHS Commercialization Readiness Pilot Program (CRPP), with the remaining activities to be funded with internal and potential venture investment. The proposed Statement of Work (SOW) represents the specific commercialization activities that the CRPP funds would support. The SOW includes activities related to creating awareness of and demand for Code Dx: developing a set of reference users; promoting Code Dx within the Application Security Testing (AST) community and raising awareness among those not engaged in AST due to cost or difficulty in use; outreach to security training organizations; filling in small competitive gaps such as IDE plug-ins; and establishing partnerships to accelerate marketing and sales.